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Polycarbonate Roofing for your Outdoors

30 November 2022

Awning Warehouse has the best products to get you that perfect outdoor space

Awning Warehouse makes a variety of awnings including polycarbonate roofing. You can use them for architectural, industrial, agricultural, and DIY jobs.

Awning Warehouse Introduction to Polycarbonate Roofing

Awning Warehouse has been the leading manufacturer of awnings, canopies and other outdoor living products. They are pleased to introduce their line of polycarbonate roofing that offers up to 70% more light transmission than standard acrylic or glass roof panels. This means that you will be able to see your plants grow under artificial lighting for longer periods of time while still being protected from UV rays.

This material is virtually unbreakable (Plastic steel!), which means it cannot be broken easily. It transmits light very well and is resistant to the weather.

The company’s new polycarbonate roof panel is also extremely durable and versatile as it can be used in any type of construction project. Different product solutions are available and include skylights, greenhouses, sunrooms and solariums.

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5 standout qualities of Polycarbonate Roofing

  1. Polycarbonate is an unusual material that is resilient and can withstand many different temperatures. It is a lightweight construction material, but it can still be tough.
  2. Polycarbonate roofing is a good roof for some structures. These include decks, garages, patios, sheds and conservatories. Keep in mind that polycarbonate material is not the best to use for an entire house.
  3. Polycarbonate is often used for pool covers and can also be used to cover roofs on industrial warehouses.
  4. Polycarbonate panels are strong and resistant! They can be used outside and they will not break. They have 250 times the impact of float glass and 30 times the strength of acrylic.
  5. We sell products that are strong and are virtually unbreakable.

9 Benefits of Polycarbonate

  1. Polycarbonate is highly resilient and can withstand a lot of force.
  2. Polycarbonate sheets are lightweight, easy to transport and easy to use when it comes to construction.
  3. Polycarbonate is good for making awnings and sunrooms because it blocks the UV.
  4. Polycarbonate is a strong material that makes it good for building greenhouses.
  5. Polycarbonate panels can withstand extreme temperatures, are rain/water-resistant and have impact resistant
  6. These quality panels will last for many years because they are so incredibly durable. They won’t fade or discolour much and are safe from minimal impact damage, too.
  7. A polycarbonate roof can let in more light (light transmission) and less heat.
  8. Polycarbonate can be used for skylights, roofing, siding (Cladding), facades and curtain walls.
  9. Polycarbonate is a strong, flexible material. It does not crack and it won’t be damaged by a sleet or light hail storm. It also has a high fire rating!

3 Common questions about Polycarbonate roofing

How long do polycarbonate roof panels last?

Polycarbonate panels last anywhere from 10 to 20 years.

Does a polycarbonate product protect you from solar glare?

Polycarbonate is a good material for awnings and sunroom roofs. It is resistant to extreme temperatures in South Africa with its UV blocking capabilities.

Do you have to worry about heat?

The more light that comes through the sheet, the hotter it will feel under there. Sometimes sheets can make you colder if they don’t let in much light. But mostly sheets should make you warmer.

Skylight Roofing

Awning warehouse announces a new line of polycarbonate roofing

Awning Warehouse is pleased to announce its newest product, a new line of translucent (clear) and opaque polycarbonate roof light systems. With the latest advancements in materials science, we are able to provide our customers with the best possible protection for their roofs while still providing natural lighting and maintaining colour quality.  Our new products offer advanced UV resistance and anti-weather properties that will keep your home’s interior feeling fresh and bright all year round!

Awning Warehouse announces new colour for polycarbonate panels

Awning Warehouse is proud to announce their newest colour products in the line of architectural roof coverings. Polycarbonate panels are great for conserving light transmission and can be made with a variety of textures, colours, and finishes.

Polycarbonate roofing has become popular in recent years because it has the ability to preserve colour and light transmission while also providing insulation, protection from UV rays, and durability for high-impact areas like balconies or swimming pool enclosures. The material is often used as skylight or rooflight systems that allow natural light into buildings without sacrificing energy efficiency.

  • Polycarbonate roofing is the future of building insulation
  • Durable and attractive material that will last for years to come
  • Clear and colourful panel solutions to choose from
  • Easily installed and looks great with any architecture
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