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Patio Roof Designs for South Africa

15 December 2022

Patios are an outdoor extension of your indoor lifestyle. With an astute roof design, you can reflect your personality while adding value to your property.

Over the years, patio roof designs have evolved to suit individual tastes, provide shelter from the weather and are tailored for budgetary constraints. Among these patio roof designs are awnings, including both fixed and retractable solutions. These are available in canvas or insulated roof ceiling sheets.

Canvas patio awnings are a budget-friendly roof design solution. They are available in a wide range of colour pallets, complementing the exterior of the building. Canvas awnings can be fixed, or operated with a retractable arm. This allows for an extension across the outdoor living area.

An insulated roof with ceiling sheets roof design offers many years of low-maintenance service and has thermal qualities than enhance the outdoor living experience.

Danpal modern roofing styles for Johannesburg patios

Awnings protect you from the sun and rain while adding a stylish element to your exterior

For stylish and functional sun protection, consider adding an awning to your patio or deck. Beyond protecting the exterior of your property from inclement weather, they can add visual interest when you use colourful awnings against a building/structure while also providing shade for those seated beneath. This is especially useful on hot days when you don’t want all that sunshine beating down upon you! 

If even more versatility is desired, then take into account retractable varieties which are easy enough to install – making these awning structures perfect additions whether it is a new construction or replacement project!

Patio Shade Cover

Give your living space an upgrade with a patio cover

Our Patio Covers are designed to provide maximum protection for your home and entertaining area. The aluminium or galvanised steel roofs will ensure that you always have a dry place where family can gather and be entertained, even when it rains outside!

Extend your outdoor space by adding a covered patio.

Polycarbonate for carport shade 

A carport shade is a cost-effective and attractive alternative to conventional carports. Unlike metal carports, polycarbonate carport shades are lightweight but strong enough for most purposes; they also have fire retardant properties which makes them more resistant in high temperatures as well!

We’re less expensive than a conventional carport, but just as effective.

With Patio Side Covers, gone are the days where you must worry about mosquitos and other pesky insects

Patio Side Covers provide a variety of functionalities (drop or Track) and are easy to install. Manual operation is a common option for installing them onto your patio or decking area.

Care to upgrade to a Track Patio side cover system? These can also be used as curtains at night-time. They look beautiful when lit up!

With our outdoor blinds, you can finally enjoy your patio without worrying about bugs or sunburn

We offer a wide range of options to suit every budget. Protecting against the elements (cold, wind and rain) with an easy-to use design that is cost effective and provides great value for money! A custom manufactured product can be installed quickly. Whether you need doorways or curtain style patios – if it needs protection from bugs and/or sun – then we’ve got the perfect patio side cover for you.

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