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Beat the Heat and Regain Your Outdoor Living Space

As a homeowner with an underutilised patio or deck area, you know the frustration of having that expensive outdoor space rendered useless for hours due to scorching sun and rain showers. What's the point of having it if you can't truly enjoy it? Awning Warehouse has a stylish solution to maximise your outdoor living with our quality awning systems.

Imagine hosting friends and family outside without being bombarded by harsh sun or unexpected rain showers.

Our awnings let you take back control of your patio's comfort and usability so you can enjoy it morning, noon and night.

IBR Awning for a fixed patio

With one of our premium awning systems, you can instantly upgrade any outdoor living space into a luxurious, shaded oasis that truly becomes an extension of your home.

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If This Sounds Familiar, You Need an Awning

1. Your patio feels like a sun-baked oven during the day, forcing you back inside. 
2. You've had to cut outdoor gatherings short when rain showers rolled through. 
3. Your patio furniture is fading and wearing down from constant sun exposure.
4. You hardly get any use out of that expensive outdoor living space.
5. The weather always seems to dictate when you can and can't enjoy your backyard.

How an Awning Transforms Your Outdoor Living

With Awning Warehouse's quality awning systems, you can instantly upgrade any patio, deck or outdoor space into a luxurious oasis - shaded from harsh sun, protected from passing showers, and able to be used practically anytime you wish. It's like adding a new "outdoor room" to maximize your home's living area.

โ˜€ Cool, refreshing shade whenever you need it.
๐Ÿ›ก Waterproof, UV-protected materials that withstand the elements year-round.
๐Ÿก Beautify your home's aesthetic while enhancing outdoor livability
๐Ÿ’ฐ A smart investment that quickly pays off in added home value/appeal

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Thanks so much, yes it was such a pleasure. The quality of the awning and the people installing it were great. POSTED ON BEHALF OF JP PIENAAR -ERUSMUS PARK
Hassle free experience and very professional. Would highly recommend
Great service and always friendly with clear deadlines and dates.

The Perfect awning for Your Home or Business From Start to Finish.

We handle the entire awning process from start to finish for our Sub-Saharan customers. All you have to do is admire your new Awning. 

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Free quote

We offer free awning quotes for all for all residents and businesses in sub Saharan Africa
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Quote accepted

Awning Warehouse will handle your order and design from start to finish. That is how we make Awning installations simple.
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Ship or Install

We employ the best Installers (top 5%) so all installations are done right and done fast. 
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Every Awning installation is backed by our industry leading Guarantee.
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Who We Are

Awning Warehouse has been designing and installing premium patio awning systems for homeowners across South Africa for over 25 years. As a local, family-owned business, we take immense pride in transforming outdoor spaces with our stylish, innovative awning solutions.

From our factory floor straight to your home, every awning is precisely engineered and manufactured to stringent quality standards right here in South Africa. So you can trust you're getting a durable product that will provide years of outdoor living enjoyment.

Not quite sure what type of awning is best for your space? Our friendly design experts are always happy to provide free consultation and suggestions customized for your home's unique needs.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do awnings typically cost?
Awning pricing can range from R20,000 to R195,000+ depending on the size, materials, and location. But awnings quickly pay for themselves by increasing your usable living space and home value. We provide free consultations and estimates customised for your needs.

Will the awning be durable enough to last?
Absolutely. We use only the highest quality, UV-resistant materials tested to withstand intense sunlight and weather conditions like heavy rain and wind. With proper care, our awnings will retain their quality for well over a decade.

Can I pick different colours or styles to match my home?
Yes, we offer a wide range of frame colours to seamlessly integrate your awning with your home's exterior design and colour scheme. We'll work with you to create a stunning, coordinated look.

Won't the awning make my outdoor space feel enclosed?
Not at all! Our awnings provide ample covering from the elements while still maintaining an open, airy feeling. You'll experience cooling shade without that trapped, enclosed sensation.
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