Pergola with Horizontal retractable blind material

Patio awning ideas

Patio awning ideas

When it comes to patio awning ideas, there are so many options! Awnings come in all types, shapes and sizes, from small to large, from fixed to retractable. You can find them made of different materials such as wood, metals, and plastics.

Mounted Awnings can offer shade and protection from the rain and wind for your garden and patio with their coverage and are available in a variety of colours.

Everybody loves the shade of a retractable patio awning!

Patio Awnings can be quite an attractive addition, enhancing the look of your outdoor living space, house and entire yard all year round. Retractable awnings, a canopy awning or a fixed shade structure offers a shady area for outdoor parties and gatherings with family or with friends. Awnings can be installed on patios, decks, poolside areas, courtyards and can also be used as carports.


The following are some popular patio shade ideas

Use our traditional retractable awnings to enjoy your backyard patio

– The traditional fixed awning with a pitched roof and open sides is perfect for those who want to enjoy the outdoors while being protected from the weather. This permanent structure has an attractive design, is very functional and can be easily installed by Awning Warehouse. It incorporates different materials in the installation.

The versatility of retractable Awning roofing systems for Pergolas scroll

A patio awning with a roof provides shade from the sun, especially on hot days.

– This Patio awning is the perfect addition to any backyard, patio or deck. It has two posts that are attached by beams at an angle before reaching the roof structure. They can support climbing vines to add a rustic feel to the permanent structure. Pergolas are ideal for extra versatility for your outdoor structure

Polycarbonate sheeting is a durable product and a practical roofing solution

Stay cool in the summer heat with our retractable awnings

Patio fabric awnings can also be made of an aluminum frame, like this retractable awning which has a charming design and is very practical. It creates an inviting space to relax while offering protection from harmful uv rays. The retractable awning offers shade in summer while allowing air to circulate during other seasons. This fabric awning is available in different sizes and colours.

retractable awnings non motorised for a pergola over your braai

Choose from different contemporary covered options with a retractable awning

A remote control awning can also have a contemporary design, like this retractable awing which is made of galvanized steel that gives it an elegant look and provides long-lasting protection from direct rays when needed. The roof is designed to provide shade during summer while still letting air flow through to cool you down on hot days. Call us to discuss your project and we will happily give you some specific patio awning ideas.

Retractable Awning roof costs are very relevant in Cape Town

Have the flexibility to enjoy direct rays or shade with a modern design

A fixed louvered roof can also have a modern design, like this Patio awning which has an adjustable roof for maximum porch cover with a rigid frame. Opt in for vertical screens or sail shades for the winter months. This louvered roof offers shade from the patio canopy during summer days providing shade from the sun and shelter from the rain on other days. It is also very attractive, making it the perfect addition to any backyard.

adjustable aluminum louvre awning to control light

Create a modern and stylish design with long-lasting aluminum

Backyard Patio Awnings can also be made of aluminum, like this covered patio or Gazebo which has a stylish design and is very practical.

It offers protection from the sun and rain and is easy to maintain. This Gazebo style is available in different sizes.

Our Louvre awnings are perfectly styled to allow the flow of water through a uniquely designed gutter frame with downpipes. The adjustable panels are either manually operated by a unique stainless steel and brass manufactured gearbox with a hardened nylon casing or automatically with electric motors. The enamel baked aluminum adjustable louver panels are durable, maintenance free and guaranteed not to rust, peel or chip. The uniquely designed gutter is moulded to give the façade appearance a neat, clean and modern finish. Awning Lifestylein South Africa

Modern Patio awning ideas

Awning Warehouse has a wide selection of outdoor options to make outdoor space a dream. One of our most popular items is modern patio awnings, which combine old-fashioned elegance fused with a contemporary style. These can be used as a feature for your garden or patio so that you can relax while enjoying the outdoors.  Consider your outdoor furniture, you want it to blend in well. Perhaps add a touch of class with frosted glass tables and a stylish patio umbrella.

There are many options available including different styles of materials for the roof construction as well as different heights of pergolas.  This type of patio awning is perfect if you’re looking for something modern.

Pergola with Horizontal retractable blind material


Awning Warehouse’s adapted patio awnings for wall or entrance

The first step of creating a beautiful and inviting entrance to the home is by using a mounted cover. You can choose one that fits the style of your home, by using the same material and colour palette. One such example is our adapted patio awning with the roof!

Furthermore, the awning material offers an elegant touch to any entrance way, as well as providing shelter for those who enter or exit through on rainy days. It provides beautiful curb appeal and will be sure to impress your guests, family members, friends – everyone!  This particular model features a high roof that prevents rain from dripping onto those below.

louvre awnings in South Africa

Awning Warehouse Sun Protection Patios

The family can be outside all day without the need of sunscreen – outdoor shade, all day long! The retractable awning offers protection from the sun and rain. It is a versatile structure that can be used for an outdoor dining space, play area or sitting area.


Deck Awnings: The Ultimate Outdoor Living Solution

If you’re looking to make the most of your outdoor space, a purpose built UV protection awning with an adjustable louvre is the right choice for you. An option to always consider is the daylight in corelation to the house and how far you want to extend to protect your deck, terrace, or backyard. Waterproof and resistant to all seasons, this awning has everything that an avid outdoors person could ever want!

adjustable aluminum louvre awnings-patios upstairs balcony

adjustable aluminum louvre awnings-patios upstairs balcony


Awning Warehouse offers a wide variety of Patio Awnings with roof systems at affordable prices. Contact us today to get started on building your perfect outdoor living area!