Louvre Systems are the Perfect Foil for Architecturally-Designed Properties

30 October 2023
Daniel Brits

Aluminium louvre systems can be tailor-made to provide the perfect foil for architecturally-designed homes or businesses. This simple, yet aesthetically pleasing ventilation system, can be contoured to match any desired level of style and functionality.

Now, as summer approaches, property owners are assessing the transformation of indoor/outdoor living areas to complement the South African barbeque lifestyle. This could be enclosing an outdoor entertainment area with a louvre roof or adding extra protection against the elements with window-mounted sun louvres. The principle in both systems remains the same – to provide ventilation while protecting against weather conditions such as baking sun rays or penetrating rain. Adjustable sun louvres filter out harsh rays and heat while allowing the movement of airflow throughout the building and reducing electricity usage.

Louvre systems are multi-functional

Awning Warehouse makes adjustable aluminium louvre systems that are designed to meet international standards. The enamel-baked aluminium louvre panels are durable, low maintenance and will not chip, peel or rust. The quality of the product is of such a high standard that quality is guaranteed for 10 years. The louvre systems are available in a wide range of colours, while the sun louvres are available in either bold or light profiles. These are custom-made awnings suit all window sizes, architectural styles and climate conditions.

  • 70Z Sun Louvre Panels are available in a range of colours and vertical or horizontal configurations.
  • Horizontal Sun Louvres have a projection of approximately half the window depth, offering excellent protection against harsh weather conditions and promoting uninterrupted airflow.
  • Vertical Sun Louvres can be used to clad the exterior of any size building, concealing piping and ducts while elevating aesthetic appeal.

Louvre systems are multi-functional and engineered for angled, horizontal or vertical applications. They control the entry of light into a building, reduce glare, provide ventilation and protect furnishings from weather damage. Louvre roofs are also becoming increasingly popular as attractive external screening barriers on commercial and industrial buildings to hide ventilation ducts, air-conditioning piping and other related eye-sores.

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