Louvre Awning

How long do louvre awnings last?

Sun Louvres and Aluminium awnings are a great way to add appeal and they are durable. They can last for many years with proper care. Awning Warehouse awnings are manufactured to international standards and can be designed for your specific project.

Adjustable Aluminium Louvre Roof over a Deck or Patio

This is a perfect way to have outdoor entertaining without worrying about the weather. These adjustable louvre awnings on your deck (or patio) will provide shade and sunshine when needed. Not only do they look great, they can protect against strong winds or rains too!

Protect your furniture from UV rays with adjustable aluminium louvre awnings!

Use a lever to control the flow of air and sunlight into your home. These aluminium roofing louvres are adjustable, which allows you direct winter sun onto an indoor space or, block its rays in the summer months. With these easy-to-use functions you can ensure that your outdoor furniture has some protection from harmful UV rays while still letting some light through for a little bit of ambience.

Functional and offering aesthetic value all at the same time!

We can help you secure building and planning permissions in South Africa

It is not difficult to determine if louvre awnings require any kind of building or planning permission. Contact us (Awning Warehouse) to make sure. We can help guide you through the required steps for obtaining planning permission for your awnings if necessary.

Why choose Louvered Roofs?

A louvred awning roof offers an attractive outdoor space to relax under. In addition, it truly changes your view of nature. With an enclosed roof, this provides a solution for a gorgeous space. You can extend your interior into your outdoor space and also spend more time outdoors.

Are you looking for something that will be adding practicality?

Aluminum louvre awnings are an excellent way to create aesthetic value that is cosy. A protected space that you can enjoy year-round. A louvred roof offers great versatility in terms of architectural styles – from large outdoor rooms all the way down to small free standing patios!

You’ll never want to work with another type of awning after experiencing what this wonderful invention has on offer from both a practicality as well aesthetically appealing properties.  Benefits include custom made (varying lengths) and custom-built options, different colours, durable, low maintenance, various light profiles and the ability to control temperature and light. Not to forget that it can withstand the heat of summer and the chill of winter while offering protection for those within the space.

Let louvers transform your outdoor area into an intimate retreat

Louvred Roofs can transform your outdoor living space into an intimate retreat. They are great for creating shade and shelter, while also giving you that gorgeous view of nature from within!