Controlite Polycarbonate roofing to control the light

Polycarbonate Roof: The new transparent roofing material

30 November 2022

Awning Warehouse often uses polycarbonate as a replacement for glass in residential homes.

Awning Warehouse is providing homeowners with an affordable, energy-efficient choice at their doorstep.

Unlike other materials such as metal or plastic, polycarbonate does not corrode and meets all fire ratings. Not only is polycarbonate strong enough to be used for commercial buildings, but also can be used just like traditional glazing on residential homes.  What’s more – because of the low weight of this material it could offer significant cost savings when installed onto roofs that may have been damaged by winds and rainstorms.

The roofing material of the future: polycarbonate is an excellent option for your long-term investment and peace of mind

Polycarbonate roofing is a great choice for those who need good optical clarity that is both durable and aesthetically appealing. Polycarbonates come in two distinct forms – solid polycarbonate roof sheeting with clear optical properties or domed ones which can be more flexible – perfect in the construction industry.  

Polycarbonate is a strong thermoplastic material that can withstand low and high temperatures. It comes in all the profile shapes generally used for non-translucent roofing or cladding, but extrusion techniques allow for even more variety when it’s manufactured into your desired form!

A Polycarbonate roof is perfect for those looking to enjoy an open view

The profile of the roof cladding is designed to match that on profiled polycarbonate so that one can enjoy an open view. Awning Warehouse has all kinds available for South African design needs. From simple rectangles with straight edges or sloped surfaces to more elaborate shapes like arcs and ovals!

The variety in profiles means there’s something perfect no matter what type you’re looking for.

Keep your family safe by choosing polycarbonate over less resilient materials

Polycarbonate is a versatile material (Practical roofing material) used extensively as roof light glazing. It’s highly resistant to impact, transmitting high levels of light and it can be easily cut or shaped with virtually no waste for customization purposes! The polycarbonate sheets provide you with benefits such as a good fire rating which is essential when building deck areas, terraces, patios, and conservatories. Note that it is not recommended to use polycarbonate roofing for an entire roof.

Blocks the sun but still lets in light, making it great for residential homes

Polycarbonate roofing is a lightweight material that blocks UV rays, letting in light and heat. This makes it perfect for greenhouses or solarium! So your plants will be UV protected.

The polycarbonate panels are long-lasting and can resist anything, making them the perfect product for roofs

Polycarbonate panels are noted for being long-lasting and nearly indestructible, which makes roofing with these polycarbonate roofing sheets options a very cost-effective option. They can be installed in the harshest of environments. they’re resistant to both extreme heat (think hot desert sun) and withstand extremely low temperatures for example those found on mountain tops at night time. The excellent properties make them preferred among greenhouse builders because polys don’t break down over time!

You want to invest in this long-lasting material that is not just for roofs? 

The Awning Warehouse polycarbonate is the perfect material for your next roofing project. Not only does it come in all profile shapes and sizes, but also has a colour matching system with different profiles so you can use one single product across many surfaces! You can say that profiled polycarbonate matches profiled roof cladding

The sky will be visible through this corrugated material while enjoying beautiful weather at home on any day – how wonderful!!!

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