Expert Awning Installation and Manufacturer

28 May 2023
Daniel Brits

The most important fact to remember when searching for an awnings installation company is that they all differ.  Some are good, some can be indifferent and some can be downright bad. So, do your due diligence and make sure that you select a reputable awning company to undertake your project.

Tips for making your choice when choosing a trustworthy awning company:

  1. Experience

Nothing speaks volumes more than a business with years of successful trading under its belt. When searching online, look for an awning installation company that has been operating for more than a decade. Make sure, too, that the business deals in the type of awning you prefer or that it can offer you advice on the best installation for your needs. At Awning Warehouse we have professional awning installers – all our installation teams are well-trained and employed by Awning Warehouse.  

  1. Reputation

Online reviews about awning installation companies can be most helpful. When searching online, take the time to read all of the reviews to get a sense of how each company deals with their clients. You will soon find out that some are better than others!

  1. Full-service package

Apart from an installation service, the business you choose should employ experts in the field who offer a full-service package that includes in-depth design and manufacturing know-how. Their expert advice and knowledge will ensure clear and open lines of communication throughout the buying and installation phases of the project.

  1. Personal service

The personal approach to the project is as important as technical know-how. Whether you are a private homeowner, a small start-up operation or a national franchise business, you must be the Number One Customer throughout the project.

Expert Awning Installation and Manufacturer


What South African awning company can offer you all of the attributes we have discussed?

  • Experience – Awning Warehouse has spent 18 years streamlining its services to an ever-growing and happy customer base.
  • Reputation – One has only to read the online testimonials by satisfied customers to realise just what a good reputation Awning Warehouse has deservedly earned over the years.
  • Full–service package – with Awning Warehouse, it is tough to beat their expertise, versatile range of products and how they manage each project by keeping the lines of communication open between them and their clients.
  • Personal service – no customer becomes a “past-customer” to Awning Warehouse which guarantees the quality of their work and prides themselves on treating every customer as the Most Important Client on their list.


With the right knowledge and the right help, getting the perfect awning for your property doesn’t have to be a complex process. Whether you are looking for expert awning installations or when searching for a leading manufacturer, Awning Warehouse should always be considered as a top option in Sub Saharan Africa. Invest in quality and get a custom-made awning from us today!

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