Embrace Modern Outdoor Living with Insulated Roofing Systems

31 August 2023
Daniel Brits

Innovative technology has revolutionised the way we extend the footprint of our homes, making it easier and more cost-effective than ever before. With the introduction of insulated panels with integrated roofing sheets, messy and financially draining construction sites are a thing of the past.

Insulated roofing systems offers a robust, durable, and efficient solution for outdoor extensions, particularly well-suited to the South African climate. Here we explore the features and benefits of this cutting-edge product offered by Awning Warehouse, designed to transform patios and outdoor areas into stylish and inviting living zones.

Insulation and Weather Resistance

The insulated panels boast excellent insulation qualities, making them ideal for South Africa’s varying climate conditions. With two layers of chromadeck laminated to a polystyrene core, this system provides superior strength and durability. It can withstand extreme weather conditions, including electric thunderstorms and heavy rainfall, phenomena that is common in areas such as the Highveld. The design of the sleek IBR profile panels and wide pans effectively displaces large volumes of water, ensuring protection against leaks and water damage.

insulated roofing systems

Quick and Cost-Effective Installation

One of the key advantages of the insulated roofing system is its swift installation process, which helps minimise labour costs. Homeowners can enjoy their extended living spaces in no time, adding value and functionality to their properties without lengthy construction timelines.

Trendy Outdoor Living

The trend of embracing outdoor living spaces is increasing, particularly in affluent suburban areas. The insulated roofing system helps homeowners create posh and inviting outdoor living zones, perfect for casual and sophisticated entertaining. Outdoor spaces are transformed into night-time havens with cost-saving surface mount LED lights, allowing for enjoyable gatherings even after sunset.

Year-Round Comfort

The thermal qualities of the insulated panels ensure good air circulation, keeping the entertainment space warm on chilly nights and cool during hot weather. This creates a comfortable and enjoyable environment for homeowners and their guests, making the outdoor living area a perfect extension of the home in all seasons.

Versatility for Various Applications

The flexibility of the insulated roofing system makes it suitable for various outdoor areas. Apart from patios, it can extend kitchens, add extra dining space, create carports attached to the home, or even as enclosed extensions like granny flats. Its adaptability makes it a practical choice for homeowners looking to maximise their property’s potential.


Embrace the modern era of outdoor living with the highly acclaimed insulated roofing system from Awning Warehouse. Its durability, weather resistance, and insulation qualities make it an excellent investment for homeowners seeking to extend their living spaces.

With quick installation, energy-efficient features, and the ability to create stylish and inviting outdoor zones, this innovative product is a game-changer for South African homeowners. Experience the transformation of your patio or outdoor area into a posh living zone, ideally suited for year-round entertaining and relaxation.

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