Company Profile

Awning Warehouse is a Randburg based, family owned and operated business. Our staff offers over 20 years combined experience in designing and manufacturing shade solutions in South Africa. Our goal is to produce quality structures that stand the test of time.

Waterproof Retractable Awning Roof


An Awning Warehouse Awning is designed to be stylish, robust and reliable. We only use the best quality materials in the manufacture of our awnings. All our installations are done by our own trained in-house teams that ensure maximum quality and security for our customers.

Custom Awning Projects always require a professional installer


We are in the business of manufacturing and installing awnings and our goal is to make the highest quality product and solution for our customers. Awning Warehouse has an excellent reputation and we receive over 70% of our work through word of mouth recommendations.


We pride ourselves on being a responsive company. We listen to our customer queries and requests and we endeavour to come up with a workable solution. When our awnings require servicing and repairs we have our team of installers available to send out on short notice. As we are the designer, manufacturer and installer we have extensive knowledge of the product and its capabilities.


Our aim is to provide a quality product at a competitive price. Our team of trained and experienced salesmen will help with the designing of an affordable solution to meet our client’s requirements.


We enjoy working with customers, builders and architects on new and innovative projects. We pride ourselves on having the flexibility and experience to always come up with a workable shade solution. We also offer flexibility in the service we offer from supply only, to design, manufacture and installation. We will provide the service level you require.


Awning Warehouse recognises the importance of sustainability. An Awning Warehouse Awning will improve the environmental efficiency of your home by shielding your windows and doors from the direct sun, by reducing the radiant heat entering your home from tiles and paved floors, and by encouraging you to open up your home and use your outdoor areas rather than stay indoors and use air conditioning.

What it takes to be South Africa's leading awning warehouse Awning Warehouse is now a top-ranked South African supplier and installer of high-quality roofing solutions. The hallmark of its reputation has been stamped with quality, reliability and responsiveness. Adjustable Aluminium Louvre Roof for Decks There is no better way to enjoy outdoor deck entertaining than with an adjustable aluminium louvre roof awning. Designed to international standards, a louvre roof ensures sunshine or shade when most needed. It also helps to buffer strong winds and protect from the rain.

What it takes to be South Africa’s leading awning warehouse

Awning Warehouse is now a top-ranked South African supplier and installer of high-quality roofing solutions. The hallmark of its reputation has been stamped with quality, reliability and responsiveness.

What makes Awning Warehouse special is that it encompasses a unique set of awning industry characteristics into its daily operations. It offers clients an exclusive range of specialised products, backed by an in-house team of installation professionals. These industry characteristics have identified Awning Warehouse as a leading South African awning supplier of all things roofing.

This Randburg-based company offers clients more than two decades of know-how in the awning industry and has cemented its reputation as a top-ranked supplier by consistently meeting customer expectations. The Awning Warehouse mantra of Quality, Reliability and Responsiveness has earned it the number one spot.

Awning Warehouse is undoubtedly a one-stop awning and roofing solution shop. During the manufacturing process, its high-quality products are insulated from and resistant to adverse weather conditions. As a supplier of all awning and roofing consumer essentials, this family-owned business is hard to beat.

Backed by a customer satisfaction guarantee, Awning Warehouse offers a full range of high-quality products that will increase the value of your property at a fraction of the cost of an expensive construction project. Extending under-utilised outdoor space or protecting your interior valuables from the harsh effects of heat and cold, Awning Warehouse has the ideal solution. So, if you are looking for a company where to buy a retractable awning that can extend your exterior living space or a fixed awning to provide shade and shelter, look no further than Awning Warehouse.