When it comes to awnings, there is no shortage of questions!

We get inquiries from all sorts of people interested in awnings. To help make the process easier, we've answered some of the most common awning questions so you can master your Sub-Saharan Awning Project!
  • What is a Retractable Awning?

    Retractable awnings are an ideal way to block sun and rain on a patio and deck without permanently altering a structure or erecting obstructive support poles. We offer a unique Retractable awning integrating LED lighting and motor integrated LED Lighting and motorized.
  • What do you charge to do a quote?

    We do not charge to do a quote, however, we will require a commitment from a client for long-distance call outs.
  • What does an average Awning cost?

    Prices will vary according to your selection of product, size, material, finishes and the complexity of the installation.
  • Are Awnings waterproof?

    We have products like our Louvre Awnings, that are not guaranteed to be 100% waterproof. However, our new Retractable Design is expected to be waterproof; however, one must accept that awnings are additions to the existing structures and therefore we will assist our customers in securing a suitable design and solution.
  • Do you need plans for an Awning?

    Generally no, but it is best to check with your local council or body corporate.
  • Are your installations supervised?

    Yes. All teams have a leader which supervise the jobs and a Technical manager which will assist on-site where need be.
  • What happens if the product fails?

    We offer our full support and a service call can be logged with our team immediately.
  • Are there different Awnings available?

    Yes, we have a range of products that would suit your needs.
  • Can you design and Awning in my budget?

    We strive to assist each customer in providing them with the most affordable solutions.
  • Which Awning is right for me?

    Our friendly staff will assist and based on each customer’s requirements, suggest the best solution that is most suitable for your environment. Choose from our easy selection of awnings, canopies, outdoor blinds and shade sails.
  • How do I operate a Retractable Awning?

    It is operated by a motor and is controlled by a remote control.
  • Can my Awning withstand the wind load?

    Our friendly staff will assist and based on each customer’s requirements, suggest the best solution that is most suitable for your environment. Choose from our easy selection of awnings, canopies, outdoor blinds and shade sails.
  • Can an Awning improve energy efficiency in my home?

    Awnings can be very helpful in saving you air conditioning energy costs from the sun’s rays that heat up your home. Awnings are ideal for all types of residential and commercial applications, They are energy-efficient, keeping homes cool and protecting interiors from the sun.
  • On what side of the Awning is the motor located?

    It is normally located in the back.
  • How do Awnings withstand corrosion and rust especially at the coast?

    Yes as all the parts are aluminium.
  • What is a retractable arm Awning?

    It is an awning that fits against the wall and opens out with 2 arms that are covered with canvas material. They can be operated either manually or motorised. They are not waterproof but are designed to provide shade. They need to be retracted in windy conditions.
  • Why buy a retractable Awning

    To provide shelter when required and to have the option to retract the awning should you want to either be in the sun or look at the night sky. Retractable awnings add that final touch to other investments you make in outdoor living. Unlike a stationary awning, the benefit of a retractable awning is that on cloudy days and in wintertime the awning stays retracted maximizing natural light through the windows. Also, a retractable awning does not have to be removed and re-installed seasonably.
  • How do I order an Awning?

    Contact details are available on the website and our friendly staff are ready to assist you.
  • Are there support poles on Retractable Awnings?

  • Why a Retractable Awning instead of a fixed one?

    To have the option of being able to open the roof when required.
  • How long does the fabric last?

    Guaranteed for 5 years. The fabric will often last from 10-15 years.
  • What Awning colours are available?

    Standard colours are White, Beige and Grey. Other colours are available on request.
  • What sizes can a Retractable Awning be made in?

    As a manufacturer, we offer our customers the opportunity to customize the size to ensure an aesthetically pleasing finish.
  • How long does it take after I place an order?

    Installations are booked as soon as confirmation is received from you the customer. Due to the huge demand and range, we offer we stay in close communication with our customers to confirm dates. All products are specially manufactured per customer order. Usually between 3 to 4 weeks but sometimes longer if certain parts need to be imported.
  • If I have a Business, can I have signage on the Awnings?

    As a solutions-driven organisation, we can support and supply a design service.
  • Why choose Awning Warehouse?

    We offer a superior quality product installed by our installation teams. Our teams are professional and offer excellent service and a complete after-sales service.
  • How do I clean the fabric if it gets soiled or stained?

    Awnings are virtually maintenance-free. Simply wash with mild soap and water, NOT Detergent. In saltwater areas, we suggest rinsing the frame.
  • Will the awning cause strain to my wall?

    Our technical team will do a site inspection. However, the awning is supported with an aluminium structure and therefore will not cause any stress.
  • Do I need an electrician if I want a motor?

    Our installation team will require an electrical outlet.
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