Adjustable aluminum louvre awnings

adjustable aluminum louvre awning for a family entertainment area

The adjustable aluminum louvre awnings act like a roof but allow you to have the best of both worlds – shade when you need it and sunshine when you want it. Aluminum Louvre awnings control light and air flow into your home while giving you the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors regardless of the weather. Awning Warehouse adjustable aluminum Louvre awnings are designed to international specifications allowing for maximum light or shade. Our Louvre awnings are perfectly styled to allow the flow of water through a uniquely designed gutter frame with downpipes. The adjustable panels are either manually operated by a unique stainless steel and brass manufactured gearbox with a hardened nylon casing or automatically with electric motors. The enamel baked aluminum adjustable louver panels are durable, maintenance free and guaranteed not to rust, peel or chip. The uniquely designed gutter is moulded to give the façade appearance a neat, clean and modern finish.