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Custom Sneeze Protection Screens designed and Installed by Awning Warehouse

In this time of COVID-19 Counter staff and office employees are required to assist the public or work with others in a given area. Everyone needs to be safe guarded and sneeze guards or shield are recommended to better protect from spray of germs. We can customize and fabricate various sizes, offering different solutions and have 4 standard designs available on immediate requests.

DESK SCREEN WITH WHITE BACK - This image was edited and uploaded by Awning Warehouse based in Randburg Johannesburg - Best for Awnings and any type of Awning
Desk screen with no cutout - This image was edited and uploaded by Awning Warehouse based in Randburg Johannesburg - Best for Awnings and any type of Awning

Desk Screens With and Without Cutout

Sizes Available

  • 500 x 600
  • 600 x 600
  • 850 x 600
  • 1000 x 600
HANGING SNEEZE SCREEN - This image was edited and uploaded by Awning Warehouse based in Randburg Johannesburg - Best for Awnings and any type of Awning
Hanging Sneeze Screen - This image was edited and uploaded by Awning Warehouse based in Randburg Johannesburg - Best for Awnings and any type of Awning

Hanging Screens

Sizes Available

  • 800 x 600
  • 1000 x 600
  • 1200 x 600
Screen with wheels, we design, sell and install screens
Wheel screen, Sneeze screen for any location - This image was edited and uploaded by Awning Warehouse based in Randburg Johannesburg - Best for Awnings and any type of Awning

Screens with Wheels

Sizes Available

  • 650 x 1700
  • 1200 x 1700

Horizontal Louvre Systems Counteract the Adverse Impact of Summer Heat

Aluminium louvre systems offer an architecturally pleasing and effective sun control solution to counteract the harsh glare and heat of South African summer months. These louvre systems are available in various shapes and sizes and can be adapted to enhance the quality of both indoor and outdoor living.

Louvre panels can be attached to the exterior of a building, adding aesthetic appeal and keeping interior spaces at comfortable temperature levels. Louvre systems also significantly reduce of cost of running energy-consuming cooling systems.

The versatility of aluminium louvres is what makes them so attractive to property owners wishing to expand their outdoor living footprint. For example, louvre panels can be strategically placed in outdoor locations to provide cool shade and filtered sunlight around pools and patios. Add potted plants, with bursts of colourful flowers, for an inspiring and satisfying outdoor living experience.

But the creativity of these versatile temperature control louvre panel systems does not stop there – they can be further enhanced with an adjustable louvre roof to create an ideal enclosed poolside or patio entertainment area. Construction of an outdoor living space encapsulated by louvre systems is low-impact, efficient and quick to erect.

Horizontal screens offer excellent protection from the summer heat and glare and are guaranteed for a full 10 years. These lightweight roll- formed all-aluminium louvre systems are coated with a specially formulated paint to protect against all climatic conditions.

These sun louvre systems:

  • Keep interiors cool
  • Save on electricity costs
  • Are aesthetically pleasing
  • Require low maintenance
  • Are available in a wide range of colour-fast colours

Horizontal sun louvres are available in bold or light profiles. They are custom-made in varying lengths to suit all architectural styles.

Fold Arm Awnings versus Retractable Awnings – there IS a difference

When it comes to awnings, confusion reigns about the difference between fold arm and retractable awnings. Let us set the record straight by answering these frequently asked questions.

Q: How large an area can be covered by fold arm awnings?

A: The max-width is 6m with a max projection of 4m.

Q: How large an area can be covered by retractable awnings?

A: Any width can be made up and the max projection is 9m. However, with beams and gutter systems this can be extended to any required depth.

Q: Can fold arm awnings withstand high winds?

A: No.

Q: Can retractable awnings withstand high winds?

A: Yes.

Q: What material is used for fold arm awnings?

A: Canvas.

Q: What material is used for retractable awnings?

A: Specialised PVC Canvas.

Q: What areas does Awning Warehouse recommend for fold arm awnings?

A: Fold arm awnings are used in areas, such as decks and patios, where shade is required with no poles in the front.

Q: What areas does Awning Warehouse recommend for retractable awnings?

A: Retractable Awnings provide shade and waterproofing. Apart from residential use, retractable awnings are ideal to extend the entertainment areas of commercial enterprises such as restaurants and pubs.

Q: Are fold arm awnings cheaper than retractable awnings?

A: Yes.

Q: What warranties are offered on fold arm and retractable awnings?

A: Both have three-year warranties.

Fold Arm Awnings

With aluminium powder-coated folding arms and caps, canvas fold arm awnings extend outdoor living space, transforming patios and decks into a cool oasis even on the hottest of South Africa’s summer days.

Retractable Awnings

Retractable awnings are the awesome Big Daddy of outdoor shade and wet weather solutions. These waterproof awnings glide across the outdoor living space and the awning can be stopped at any point to enhance filtered sunlight or to embrace starry skies.

How much are Awnings for Decks?

Deck awnings come in all shapes and sizes, as well as in a variety of materials. So there are no hard-and-fast costing guidelines as these will depend on the type of awning selected, as well as the material used in the finished product.

There are retractable awnings, both manual and motorised, fixed awnings, canvas awnings, adjustable louvre awnings, ceiling sheet awnings, dome awnings, pergola and patio shade awnings, fold-arm awnings, aluminium awnings, skywave awnings … clients are spoiled for choice.

The higher-quality awnings, such as polycarbonates, retractable and motorised systems, cost more because the materials used offer durability and years of maintenance-free service.

Clients should investigate all available options before making a final deck awning choice. This may be a big investment but the advantages far outstrip the financial outlay. Awnings turn unused outdoor areas into comfortable living spaces while adding to the value of the property.

Patio Roof Designs

Patios are an outdoor extension of your indoor lifestyle. With an astute roof design, you can reflect your personality while adding value to your property.

Over the years, patio roof designs have evolved to suit individual taste, provide shelter from the weather and tailored for budgetary constraints. Among these patio roof designs are awnings, including both fixed and retractable solutions. These are available in canvas or insulated roof ceiling sheets.

Canvas patio awnings are a budget-friendly roof design solution. They are available in a wide range of colour pallets, complementing the exterior of the building. Canvas awnings can be fixed, or operated with a retractable arm. This allows for an extension across the outdoor living area.

An insulated roof with ceiling sheets can be erected with aluminium or polycarbonate thermoplastic. Both offer many years of low-maintenance service and have thermal qualities than enhance the outdoor living experience.

Patio Roof Ideas

There is no better way to protect your patio than with an insulated roofing solution. This can range from polycarbonate and canvas awnings to louvre deck coverings.

Polycarbonate is always a popular choice. It is a high-quality product with a life span of up to 20 years. This product has built-in UV-blocking qualities that can withstand extreme temperatures. Polycarbonate is a thermoplastic material, ideal as a roofing solution for patios, sunrooms and decks.

Another insulated roofing solution is canvas awning canopies. Not only do these add space to homes and business premises, they also offer great protection from all weather conditions. Canvas awnings are available as fixed or retractable roofing solutions.

Insulation of outdoor living spaces is essential for the South African climate. Not only does it protect property from the harsh elements of wind, rain, heat and cold, but insulation also acts as a thermal blanket which cuts down costs for heating or cooling.

What are Retractable Arm Awnings?

Be it patio ideas, or improvements to any other outdoor space, retractable awnings are the answer for a comfortable and relaxed lifestyle. These extendable awnings offer great protection from the sun, cold winds and rain.

One of the many reasons why retractable awnings are so popular is that they can be custom-made to suit any shape or size outdoor entertainment area. Apart from private homes, retractable awnings are popular for commercial use such as outdoor restaurants and pubs.

Awning Warehouse has taken full advantage of the awning “revolution” with its custom-designed options that make the most of outdoor living areas. The main attractions of retractable awnings are:

  • They require no structural alterations to a property
  • Attached to two arms, the awning will slide across or retract from the outdoor space with the mere push of a button
  • There is no need to erect any support poles as they are attached to the wall of the building
  • They are extremely flexible, offering property owners the ideal solution to cope with the South African climate

Top-quality imported canvas is used that is UV-resistant and dyed to enhance the client’s colour palette. Brilliant splashes of colour can be selected to transform previously wasted spaces and all of this can be achieved at the fraction of the cost of a building project.

A retractable side awning offers the perfect privacy solution. Popular as back patio privacy shades, retractable side awnings are mainly used to screen entertainment areas, such as swimming pools and braai patios from neighbouring properties. These awnings consist of three main components – a metal frame, fabric and attachment brackets. They can be custom-made and their ease of installation makes them ideal for DIY enthusiasts.

The South African awning market is exciting with a diverse range of products to suit all outdoor lifestyles.

Why us?


All our installations are done by our own trained in-house teams that ensure maximum quality and security for our customers.


Awning Warehouse has an excellent reputation and we receive over 70% of our work through word of mouth recommendations.


We pride ourselves on being a responsive company. We listen to our customer queries and requests and we endeavour to come up with a workable solution.

Competitive Prices

Our team of trained and experienced salesmen will help with the designing of an affordable solution to meet our client’s requirements.


We pride ourselves on having the flexibility and experience to always come up with a workable shade solution.


An Awning Warehouse Awning will improve the environmental efficiency of your home by shielding your windows and doors from the direct sun

South Africa’s leading Awning systems.

Reliability is of paramount importance when selecting a service provider. Unreliable work crews can cost clients valuable time and money. At Awning Warehouse we have built an enviable track record for reliability which is endorsed by the fact that more than 70% of the contracts we undertake are from word-of-mouth referrals.

Responsiveness or, more aptly, lack thereof, is a trait well-known to Awning Warehouse. We act promptly on client instructions. We always listen to client needs. We pride ourselves of providing solutions to every problem, big or small.

Competitive Prices is music to any property owner’s ears and being aware of market trends and our competition allows us to provide our clients with quotations that meet budgets. Our experienced team of professionals base their designs on both client needs and budget restraints.

Flexibility is another Awning Warehouse trademark. Our many years of experience in the roofing industry enable us to evolve a workable outdoor living area solution.

Supply and Install is part of our everyday tasks and we do this well because of our experienced and dedicated team.

Whether it’s fixed or retractable, steel or canvas, Awning Warehouse will transform “dead” spaces into an attractive and functional living space.

Any property improvement requires a Quality product, Expertise installation and a top-notch Professional approach. Settling for less is settling for second best.

These are the work ethics adopted as a daily routine by Awning Warehouse. Our products are quality guaranteed, our workforce has years of experience in the industry and our approach to every project is undertaken with the utmost professionalism.

Quality is the name of our game. Our awnings, whether fixed or retractable, are manufactured from imported canvas that has been rigorously tested and colour-dyed to withstand all weather conditions. They are fade-and- stain-treated, giving our clients years of problem-free service. Our variety of roofing systems adhere to international standards. Manufactured from aluminium, stainless steel, brass and enamel-baked aluminium, every Awning Warehouse product is quality guaranteed.

Retractable Roofing Solutions for an Outdoor South African Way of Life.

Retractable roof systems are the perfect solution, come rain or come shine – and that is why these custom-designed roof solutions are taking South Africa by storm. The versatility of the product offers the perfect solution for our temperate climate.

Taking full advantage of the growing trend is the Randburg-based family-owned and operated company, Awning Warehouse. With more than two decades of experience, they offer property owners a variety of custom-designed retractable roof solutions. All of these are designed to maximise the advantages of South Africa’s sunny climate and are custom-made to meet individual requirements.

Not only do retractable roof systems maximise the use of outdoor spaces, but they also protect these entertainment areas from the elements, be it harsh sunshine, cold winter winds or driving rain. Their flexibility allows homeowners, restaurateurs and businesses to make full use of their outdoor living areas without worrying about weather conditions. Working in close collaboration with the client, Awning Warehouse provides retractable roof systems that blend harmoniously with the selected outdoor area, be it a private residence or a commercial enterprise.

Adjustable Aluminium Louvre Awnings.

Adjustable louvre awnings offer the best of both worlds – sunshine when needed and shade when wanted. Not only do aluminium louvre awnings control light and airflow, they are also completely waterproof when closed against the elements. They can be manually or automatically operated and the enamel-baked adjustable aluminium panels offer many years of rust and maintenance-free service. This Awning Warehouse product is combined with a unique moulded gutter system to disperse rainfall away from the entertainment area.

Consider adding some custom designed outdoor blinds to make this area unique!


Thank you for the excellent service. Very satisfactory.

Trojan MedicalSatisfied Customer

To all at Awning Warehouse. We recently had an adjustable aluminium patio awning erected by Awning Warehouse. We are delighted with the product and thank you for the excellent service.

Patrick MurroughSatisfied Customer

I am so pleased with the aluminium awning that was erected yesterday. I received so many compliments from other residents. The trustees have now accepted this installation as the standard for all other awnings to be erected.

FrancoisSatisfied Customer

The installation was done very meticulously and the job was finished on time. It’s good to see that there are people who still take pride in what they are doing.

Roy SinghSatisfied Customer

Thank you for sending the team through, we are very happy with the quality of work and this has somehow exceeded our expectation.

ThabangSatisfied Customer

Posh Patio Perfection

Savvy suburbanites are transforming their outdoor entertainment spaces into posh patio perfection. An imported insulated cladding product is adding a new dimension to sophisticated entertaining by seamlessly extending property footprints.

Isospan is an aesthetically appealing new generation insulated roofing solution. It provides watertight enclosures while moderating extreme temperatures, no matter what the weather conditions are outside. It is now available in South Africa from outdoor living specialists, Awning Warehouse.

Awning Warehouse clients can choose from a wide selection of patio designs to complement the existing aesthetics of their properties. The designs range from flat, pitched and gable roofs and are also suitable for lapas, verandas, porches and balconies.

The longevity of a Isospan insulated patio roof is backed by a 10-year Manufacturer’s Home Improvement Warranty! This is truly a lifetime outdoor living product that offers high-performing insulation and superior comfort. A bonus is that the product is easy and quick to install, creating outdoor entertainment areas without the fuss and bother of construction work. It is a combination of roofing, ceiling and insulation in one durable panel.

Let there be light

Extending the footprint of your home is not restricted to daylight entertaining. An insulated roof will transform into a night-time posh patio with energy-efficient LED downlights. Enjoy as much as 50,000 hours of LED downlights in Cool White or Warm White.


Isospan is a ceiling and roof system that is designed to provide shelter and energy savings because of its insulation properties. Insulation from external elements makes for comfortable entertaining and outdoor living is never dictated by weather conditions. The addition of cost-efficient LED lighting set under the insulated ceiling panel makes for sophisticated outdoor patio living long after the sun has set.

Awning environmental impact.

Environmental impact is always taken into consideration with every single one of our outdoor roofing projects. Our extensions to outdoor living areas are not only aesthetically pleasing but also add to the value of the property.

Products used to enclose, extend or shelter outdoor living areas include:

  • Steel louvres
  • Retractable awning or “opening roof”
  • Fixed aluminium or acrylic awnings
  • Pergolas
  • Outdoor canvas blinds
  • Outdoor roller blinds

Our trending range includes:

  • Retractable patio covers
  • Sun Louvre
  • Roof Louvres

Awning Warehouse offers clients cost-effective, custom-designed outdoor roofing solutions. You can telephone or email us or, better still, simply complete our online Contact Us form and a specialist will be in touch shortly.